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How I built my new swimming pool last summer

my new poolA swimming pool is a tool of great essence during hot summers. It is during last summer that I came up with a swimming pool in my backyard .I will explain to you how I was able to build a swimming pool on my own with very little external provision.

The first task that faced me was designing the swimming pool. I had many design options in my mind and I was torn between a circular and square design. However, I settled on the square design as it suited my needs and was cost friendly. I then obtained a permit from my local authority by the help of a contractor. Getting a permit before starting the work is important as in some jurisdictions you may prosecuted of tax evasion.

I then hired a back hoe which helped me excavate the area where I intended to locate the pool. I excavated the ground in a square shape and made sure that I evened out the ground as much as possible. Evening the ground along the bottom f the pool made the putting up of the walls and the floor of pool very easy. I then by the help of a grader created a sloping floor.

After excavating hole and grading the floor, I started putting up the walls. The process of putting up the walls involved creating frames of wood and metal bars on the walls of the pool. This made sure that the walls were even and in line with each other. I then consulted a licensed plumber who created a water supply system and water filtration system that suited the geography of my site. I then got an electrician who connected power to my pool for lighting and the filtration system. After plumbing and putting the electricity layouts, I started putting up the real walls and floors. My walls and floor were made of tiles set side by side on top of light concrete in such a way they obeyed the slope of the floor.

I then finished the outside area of the walls of the pool with a filling material that suited my environment. I finally had a water supply company fill my pool with water. I was soon enjoying swimming in my own swimming pool.