Solar Panel Installation – Advantages For Your Dwelling

There are lots of things to evaluate before installing a solar panel system. First thing according to What my older brother taught me about solar panel installations is site survey, in this evaluating a number of panels and size of panels to be fit to achieve required amount of power. And also should determine the light condition.

Solar Panel Installer

installing new solar panels

In choosing a solar panel company in Perth WA, the installer, and system both should meet the certain standards. And retailer should also look for a certified company that is in the industry for a while, achieved some of the records of installations and a good standard status in the market.

Solar Panel System Components

Solar power systems consist of a collection of solar modules, a mounting arrangement, and an inverter with an automated controller; batteries are also required for backup power.

Location of Installing Solar Panel

For solar panel installations in Perth the roof is definitely the best location as there will be enough space and proper sunlight for the solar panel. 45 degrees south facing with no shades from nearby building or trees will be best practice. Shading at some time is okay but in mid-day, the roof should be unshaded as the sunlight will be high at this times. If the roof doesn’t fit within the above limits, other mounting options are shade awnings or ground-mount. The inverter is usually installed by the main panel either indoor or outdoor. Inverter made with solid-state electronics and so it works well in cooler surroundings. So consider placing the inverter out of the sun. Near the main electric panel consider as the best option.

Maintaining Your Home Solar Electric System

The solar system requires periodic examination and components may need to be serviced or replaced. To keep the system efficient and long life it requires regular maintenance and a replacement of defective parts. For effective troubleshoot and a routine maintenance contacting the installer is advised.

Most of the maintenance work for solar panels and minor problem fixing is done by the retailer by himself with some basic knowledge of the system and its components. If so, major problem arises contacting the professional is necessary.

Solar Panels Install Free

There are some companies in Perth that provide free panel installations by themselves. Most of the profits will be acquired by the company itself still one could get to save $130 worth electricity per year with these free panels. By increasing the use of energy in the day time, you could save some more money and consecutively increase your savings over year by year as prices are rise hugely by year. Firms pay the insurance for the panels and also maintain on their cost.